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Raise a Reader Challenge - Day 1

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Day 1: Make reading a priority in your home! 

Before we dive right into today’s specific challenge – I want to give you a quick outline of what this challenge will have you doing.

Each day you’ll get an email with a SHORT assignment that will move you closer to Raising a Reader! Then by Friday you’ll have great tools to read MORE with little to NO extra time – and we’ll end the challenge with a great solution to make it even easier to Raise a Raving Reader!

-> Today we’re going to talk about PRIORITIES! This is probably the most VITAL step in our challenge, because if you don’t know WHY you should read to your kids, it’s not going to be a big priority to you and then you’re NOT going to do it. Right?!

What does reading do for your kids?

SO many things! Watch the LIVE presentation below for more info!

But here are just a few:

– Reduces Stress
– Improves Concentration
– Improves Vocabulary and Comprehension
– Improves Decision Making and Emotional Processing
– Decreases the Chance of Living in Poverty

But there’s so much more we’ll share on the LIVE video!

I want you to choose one of those reasons above, or one that you make up, for WHY you want to encourage a love of reading in your home.

Then choose 1 thing to give up, that’s NOT as important as any of those things above, so that you can get a few extra minutes of reading in. There’s always a little less of a show we could watch or a little less of facebook we scroll through. Right?!

For today’s challenge, Fill in this sentence and leave it in the comments of this post for an extra entry in the giveaway:

I need to read to my child because it _________________ so that they have more success in_______________. I can give up 5 minutes of ______ to read more to my child.

Example: I need to read to my child because it improves emotional processing so they have more success in their relationships. I can give up 5 minutes of Facebook to read more to my child.

Now, you might be curious why people say reading to your children is one of the most powerful sources of social change. These are the things that learning app companies don’t want you to know! I’ll be covering that during our LIVE chat!

See you there!