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Day 2 - Hack Your Schedule to Make More Room for Reading!

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Day 2: Hack your Schedule to Make Room for More Reading

Want to know how to read more with little to NO extra time? That’s the topic for today’s challenge!

Yesterday we talked about making reading a priority and why it can be one of the most powerful sources of social change! 

Today, we’re going to Hack your Schedule to Make Room for More Reading! 

Let’s start by looking for times in your day when you can multitask. Here are some examples that I have used:

In the Car
At the Gym
Watching TV
Places with Internet
With Help

Which one of these sounds the most interesting to you? Would you like to learn more?

Join me for the LIVE chat and I’ll be breaking each of these things down for you! I’ll show you exactly how I read at least 20 minutes each day without letting my other commitments fall by the wayside.

Your challenge for today is to make a reading goal. 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or more; whatever you want it to be, pick a length of time that you can read to your child each day!

Make sure you go to the post for today and comment!

I’ll be LIVE to help you hack your schedule so you can get those minutes in for them even if you are the busiest mom on the planet!

Also, please post in the group about something new you discovered on the LIVE yesterday so others can see and get excited about it too!

Let’s change the world one book at a time!

See you tomorrow! ~Janine