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Day 3 - Incentives that WORK!

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Day 3: Incentives that work

The last couple of days have been transformative! Have they not? We discovered the secrets that the learning app and game companies don’t want you to know; reading books is the most powerful thing we can do for our children!

We hacked our schedules to read more with little to no extra time!

And today we are going to find the BEST ways to motivate even the most reluctant children to read. 

We’re talking all about incentives today!

No, I’m not talking about bribery. Well, not exactly. Lol.

When thinking about what motivates our children to read, these things come to my mind:

  • Age
  • Pleasure
  • Personality
  • Price
  • Praises & Affirmation
  • Reading Log or Chart

What kinds of things motivate your children?

In today’s challenge, post what your child likes doing best and brainstorm how you could create an incentive around that. Be sure to watch the LIVE where I share what the BEST incentives have and how you can create a habit of reading in your home!